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Nidhi Investments provide services mainly in, but not limited to, following areas

Financial Consulting

Its merely not about buying products. It's about assessing 3 things viz,

Where I am Today?
(Current Assessment)

Where do I want to be (after a certain timeframe)?
(Goal Setting)

Which Path do I follow to get there?
(Designing the plan)

To be able to reach the desire goals, one needs to have a proper plan in place, and we at Nidhi Investments do complete financial planning for you

Investment Planning

Already made investments and now confused what to do with them? Not to worry. We are there to guide you at every step to have a re-look at your existing investments to make the portfolio optimum for you.

Risk Consultancy

Planning to start a new business? Planning to make a new investment? What could be the risks involved with the same. We will help you to identify all the risks related to your business / investments and also the ways to mitigate the same.

Tax Planning

As Law suggests, Tax Evasion is illegal, Tax planning is not. We will help you to reduce your tax outgo by planning it the right way.

Wealth Management

Got Windfall Gains? Inherited some super-normal amount of wealth and confused how to manage the same? We will design the perfect plan for you, which would help you to protect your wealth and grow it too.

Mutual Fund Investments

Already have a well designed portfolio and just looking for some guidance on mutual fund investments? We will guide you to pick up the best suiting your risk profile.

Life Insurance

No financial plan can ever be completed without life insurance. If insurance is missing from your portfolio and / or you are looking at knowing, how much should be your insurance amount, contact us.

General Insurance

You have various other assets such as Car, House etc. which have the risk of getting damaged by certain unforeseen events. An insurance to all these assets shields you from the loss.

Health Insurance

Rising Medical costs and stressful lifestyle can affect your financial plan adversely, unless supplemented by a good health insurance. To know which plan will be most suitable for you, talk to us.

Home Loans

As they say, "Home is where the heart is". So a home is always a dream for everyone. Don't let finances a hindrance in the same. We will not only help you get a home loan for your dream home, but will also help you plan how to get rid of it at the earliest.

Tax Saving Bonds

Dont let Capital Gains Tax eat away your profits. We will help you minimise your tax outgo with the help of 54E bonds. For any such investment need, you may contact us.